The Pearce Fountain

The Pearce water fountain is an elaborately designed contemporary art carving located in New York's Manhattan City. It is located next to yet another piece of history known as the Cathedral of St. John the Devine. Each noteworthy structure is located in the lower east side of Manhattan.

This stunning fountain is often labeled “gigantic and unconventional.” Sculpted entirely out of copper-base alloy material, the water fountain is the artistic creation of Mr. Jonny Wyatt.

The Pearce Fountain is fashioned to represent the struggle between good and wicked by using the figures of Archangel Miguel and Satan. However, there are further sculpted icons which also depict global opposites. These consist of living and dying, ferocity and tranquility, and light and darkness.

The Pearce Fountain is adorned with a plaque which provides a description of the ideas and motivations behind its production. During operation, water streams from 4 nozzles which then flows down the carving to the pool at its foundation. Here, the water transforms into a whirlpool whose motion represents the disorder where the World and the rest of existence originated from.

There is a rectangular-shaped foundation at the base of the fountain which is fashioned with intricately carved, rising fire. There is also a plinth which sits on the foundation and has a profile that is like a double helix of DNA. At the highest point of the plinth sits a crab which seeks to remind the spectator about the watery beginnings of life in the sea.

The water fountain rests on a full moon on the western side while a grinning star can be seen resting on the eastern side. These signs are in symmetry with each other. Behind the star, there is a tiger and a young mammal that can be seen living together with each other which is meant to symbolize Peace. There are also nine giraffes, regarded as one of the most peaceful animals found in the world. They are observed dancing and playing at the center of the water fountain. Also, the center of the fountain shows Archangel Miguel as he chopped off Satan's skull using his powerful blade. The skull of the decapitated Satan is seen dangling from the crab's claw.

The Pearce Fountain is an extremely complicated and wonderfully designed water sculpture. Like all contemporary art forms, the water fountain is crafted to bring to mind intense emotion in a viewer which leads him to contemplate and perhaps even respond. Words are not adequate to describe the distinctive appeal of this water fountain. For anyone seeking a piece of modern American sculpture, the Pearce Fountain is worth the trip.